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My experiences with Allegro over the course of two years have been very positive. Their level of professionalism, customer care and quality is what has given us the edge into the future and provided us with an end-to-end solution.

Alex Olianski Senior Systems Analyst, Service Operations, Canon Canada


 Allegro Mobile Solutions provides transportation, retail, field service, retail and government organizations with real-time mobile information solutions to improve operations and support decision making at the point of business.


Connect drivers, customers, locations and systems. Allegro's suite of transportation solutions create a dynamic interchange of real-time data leading to organizational efficiency. Gain control of your assets and leverage them to your benefit.

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Integrated mobile solutions from Allegro give your business the edge.  Successful deployments lead to more accurate inventory, less shrinkage, increased revenues, lower labour costs, increased productivity, powerful customer research, and increased customer satisfaction.

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Field Service

The goal of any field service solution is to give skilled technicians the tools to make their job easier, and to allow their organization to better manage transactions, customers and employees in the field.  Allegro’s field service solutions include billing, ordering, record keeping, asset tracking, scheduling, location-based services and more. These applications improve customer service and help get the job done sooner, with fewer trips.

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Allegro’s mobile healthcare applications can be fully integrated with virtually any back-end enterprise application or database enabling centralized control and the ability to incorporate multiple functionalities on a single handheld device.  Our applications enable you to effectively manage patients, staff, and resources, delivering high quality care and significantly reducing operational costs. 

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Adopting a mobile solution from Allegro gives government organizations the ability to achieve substantial operational improvements.  Field workers are more productive and accurate as they have better information, faster processes and less administrative pressure.   Additionally, with greater visibility of field activity from management planning and administration are improved.

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