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Allegro has taken their superior knowledge of our products to produce a targeted platform that protects the application level developer from device complexities. Itís a truly valuable feature when building enterprise level solutions.

Robert Chen VP of Mobile Computing, Symbol Technologies

Allegro Mobility Platform

The Allegro Mobility Platform serves as a common architecture for both custom and configurable mobile applications. It includes a mobile client component and a server component.

Mobile Client

The Allegro Mobility Platform (Mobile Client Component) includes fundamental components common to the majority of wireless software applications such as security, communications and device management. By leveraging the platformís proven components, our development teams are able to build high-quality custom applications quickly.


The Allegro Mobility Platform (Server Component) is the gateway for all data interchanged between the back-end enterprise systems and the mobile devices. It is architected to provide reliable connectivity, synching, efficient use of bandwidth, off-line device operation and enterprise grade security. Integration into back-end systems is achieved utilizing APIís, web services, file-drop or through a buffer table.


  • Applications can be developed quickly because the core components are included in the platform layer
  • By leveraging a platform, the benefits of a custom solution are achievable on a budget
  • Applications can be upgraded easily over time due to a modular architecture
  • Applications can be easily ported to work on other devices in the future as individual device complexities are handled in the platform layer


ĎWireless World Magazineí (March 2011) interviewed Savino Griesi, about the Allegro Mobility Platform.
Read the front-page article here.

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