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Transportation Logistics Brochure

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Connect drivers, customers, locations and systems. Allegro's suite of transportation solutions create a dynamic interchange of real-time data leading to organizational efficiency. Gain control of your assets and leverage them to your benefit.

Location-Based Services

GPS data opens up an array of possible solution functionality.  Proof of delivery can include a signature, time and location stamp.  Historical readings can be displayed on a web-based map to show a “breadcrumb trail” of a driver's day.  Application business rules can be aligned to pre-determined GPS geofences.  Additionally, drivers can utilize turn-by-turn navigation to their next stop.

Vehicle Telematics

With connectivity to your commercial or consumer grade vehicle via J-Bus or OBD2 respectively, Allegro can accurately track speed, RPMs, idle time, hard brakes and more.  This data can be parsed and sent either real-time via WWAN or in batch via WLAN and Bluetooth.  With this information, fleet managers can complete detailed analyses of route profitability, driver performance, maintenance requirements and more.

Pickup and Delivery

With intuitive functionality drivers log in and out, view assignments, complete tasks, and collect signatures on their mobile PC. Real-time visibility and delivery confirmation builds driver accountability as well as customer trust and satisfaction.

Asset Management

Decrease expenses by automating your record keeping system. By leveraging barcode and RFID technology all data relating your company's assets are at your fingertips allowing you to have better control over administration, tracking and scheduled maintenance.


Real-time fleet visibility allows for effective planning, scheduling and communication with drivers. Dispatch knows what deliveries have been made, by whom, and at what time. Integrated systems allow dispatchers to upload assignments easily.


Low bandwidth text messaging allows drivers and dispatch to communicate efficiently.  These non-SMS messages are sent as data, and as such do not incur incremental carrier fees.

Driver Settlement

Keep accurate records pertaining to each driver including hours logged, distance driven and loading fees- all while keeping track of driver status, be it owner-operator, salaried employee, or third party.

Cross Docking

Pass materials from incoming to out-going trailers in a manner that optimizes assets and eliminates need for staging. Real-time information allows for advanced planning to take the guess work out of your logistics.

Yard Management and Shunting

Know where the trailers are, what's in them, when they got there, where they're going, who moved them and who's moving them next- anytime, from anywhere.

Paper-Free Billing

Your drivers hold the electronic account and statement details on their handheld device. Your clients can accept delivery simply by signing on the touch screen. This improves accuracy, and productivity as well as accelerating the billing cycle.

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